Harddrive data recovery services

Data recovery services

We can recover lost, deleted, or corrupt data from any type of hard drive, external hard drives, pen drive, camera card, CD or DVD.

IMPORTANT .wallet ransomware decryption

There is a new infection that leaves your files encrypted and unreadable. Unless you pay a ransom, you cannot open the files. As with all criminal gangs there is no guarantee that once you have paid the ransom you will get your files back. If there is a risk that they will be caught why would they help you?

.wallet files are encrypted using military strength encryption and currently no one has been able to obtain the key. It is possible to protect your data before an attack and many companies offer software for this but none are able to decrypt the files following an attack.

A weakness in .wallet ransomware is that it deletes files before recreating encrypted new versions. Many online bloggers and forums try to help, directing you to software that recovers deleted files. However, most are very weak and if you look at reviews the results are very poor. To recover all deleted files, forensic level software is required. The hard disk must be treated as a physical device with RAW data to be able to recover the files. Even using forensic software the file names and structure is destroyed and all files need to be inspected, renamed and organised once they have been recovered. This can be a major task after the recovery.

On a recent .wallet ransomware recovery that we performed, the customer's IT department had used online recovery software and recovered 12,000 files. By comparison our own forensic software was able to recover all of their 66,000 files. We couldn't help with the renaming but at least they had the data to work on. We hope that you don't get attacked but if you do and need help please contact us.

If you experience any problems that need data recovery similar to those listed below get in touch and let us recover your data. If we don't recover your data we won't charge for the recovery.

Desktop / Laptop disks, External hard drives, SSD data recovery, USB drive recovery, HDD Repair, Forensic Data Recovery, data transfer.

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Smaller quantities of data are usually transferred to DVD. Larger quantities of data may require somewhere for the data to be copied to. We can supply new hard disks if required. A new 1TB Transcend Storejet external hard disk is approximately 60 (see Amazon).

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